Is scam or legit? Smartfinil review and discount coupon codes

is scam or legit? is a trustworthy source for purchasing top-class inexpensive medications. The company sells over-the-counter drugs, whose price may be reduced by 40-80% compared to its closest rivals. Inspite of the fact the site is young (Created on 2019-05-23 )we did not find any scam complaints or warnings about the work of this prescription referral service.

Product availability and pricing

The company sells a variety of generic medications, including drugs indicated for the treatment of erectile disfunction, depression, ADHD, and sleep disorders. All medications are legit, licensed and manufactured by various manufactures in India.

Since this service specializes in distributing generic medications, its prices are, on average, 40-80% lower than in other online stores that sell branded drugs only.

Payment options website currently offers its customers to take advantage of one of the two payment methods. The first payment option includes using credit cards by Visa, MasterCard,.

Shipping policy

The choice of shipping methods on the service’s website is currently limited to just one option, which takes 2-4 weeks to deliver the purchased medications to the customer. Smartfinil service charges its clients a flat fee of $25 to ship their order across the continental part of the USA and rest of the countries. is not listed among scam websites and we haven’t find them among scam/legit review sites.

Smartfinil review and discount coupon codes

We couldn’t find many reviews because site is way to young but here is an example of positive review where customer suggest is legit:

“It was my first time buying from I decided to try them out after reading a lot of very positive reviews. There are a lot of options for nootropics so I first message them with some questions on how the ordering works. He got back quickly which convinced me to order from him. I placed my order on the 24th of Mar and paid with my credit card. I figured it would be quicker that way instead of using bitcoins. The package arrived about a week and a half later on the 3rd of June. In the interim, I sent a message to Smartfinil requesting a status update. He again replied quickly and gave me the tracking number and that was the day before the delivery arrived.

The packaging was professional and the modafinil looked like it came fresh from the factory. It looked legit and the effect was exactly what I was expecting. Although I have a prescription from my doctor for this medication, I am probably going to keep getting it from Smartfinil due to his low price. Don’t hesitate to order from Smartfinil, he’s the real thing.”

Smartfinil offers discount coupon which provides 10% off called SF10. Sometimes the coupon code offering free shipping is reflecting on the web but at the moment it is not available.